Protocol for News Pictures: End of Discussion?

Two major players in the Dutch news market, press agency ANP and photo agency Hollandse Hoogte agreed on a protocol for news photographers. Their aim is to end the discussion about trustworthiness and reliability of photos in the news. The protocol rightly starts from before the photo is taken: no manipulation of the situation. And then the simple rule is: no change of the photo afterwards. This means: no elements put in, nor taken out. All the old-fashioned dark room techniques of adapting white balance, changing contrast or burning are allowed.
Seems a decent end of the discussion to me. And we amateurs can of course still do whatever we like--which for me is not much more than what a journalist may do! For me personally the difference is that I do not have to convey a news-type message, but want viewers to see reality in a different perspective--in a new light, perhaps.

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