Erwin Olaf shoots (or paints?) like Rembrandt

Dutch star photographer Erwin Olaf produced (for want of a better word) a series of pictures inspired on the Relief of Leiden, a defining moment in Dutch 17th century history. His pictures are inspired by paintings from that time. I see a mix of Vermeer and Rembrandt: the baroque atmosphere of Rembrandt, with a more serene light like Vermeer's.

The photo series Erwin Olaf schildert Leids Ontzet :: nrc.nl shows some of those pictures and 'making of' shots. Olaf and his team are shooting individual portraits which will be integrated into huge compositions.

Olaf's pictures are exhibited in Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, in the festivities around Leiden's Relief, celebrated with all kinds of events in 5 days around October 3. Starting today!

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